Accounts Receivable Financing Options

When you’re looking for ways to maintain your cash flow without overcomplicating your obligations, accounts receivable financing might just be your best option. Not only does it let you access money you are owed quickly and without waiting for payment, it also gives you the opportunity to outsource your receivables, streamlining your administrative overhead. That’s not even the only way this form of financing introduces savings.

When you use accounts receivable financing, you get payment insurance on your customers, because the advance is a no-recourse distribution to you and the responsibility of payment is on your customer. On top of that, the fees are predictable, so over time it will be easy to build them into the cost of estimates for customers whose account you finance on a regular basis.

Benefits of Financing Receivables

  • Fast cash when you need it
  • Never worry about your outgoing expense commitments again
  • Reusable whenever you have outstanding receivables
  • No loss of equity in the company
  • No increase in long-term debt for the company
  • No worries about application costs or closing costs

Start Working on an Application Today

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