Financing Options for Your Next Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

If you’re looking into purchasing real estate, you know that your choice of financing options makes a great deal of difference to the success of your investment. That’s not only because different financing options fit the business cycle of different investments. It’s also because sometimes you need to see a range of options to decide what the best choice happens to be. At Bear River Financial, we work hard to make sure you have the full range of choices you need to invest wisely.

Available Commercial Real Estate Financing Options:

  • Conventional Loans provide fixed interest rates with amortizing payments and no prepayment penalties.
  • CMBS Loans can give you additional interest savings if you don’t plan on pre-paying the loan.
  • SBA Loans provide generous terms for small businesses buying facilities for their own operations.
  • Bridge Loans secure the short-term financing you need to improve a property before reselling it or refinancing it into long-term financing.
  • FHA and HUD Loans include programs set up by the federal government to encourage investment in federal housing programs, and our team can connect you to them.
  • Construction Loans work on a milestone-based organization, so you can count on unlocking new levels of funding as you build equity into a property.
  • Mezzanine and Equity Sponsorship provides financing that combines loan debt with sponsorship investment to provide for larger financing packages than loans alone can manage.
  • International Financing gives you the chance to get funding through high net worth investors, wealth funds, and other sources that are large enough to handle investing in global development projects.

For more information about your options, talk to one of our associates today to find out more. Each option has minimum and maximum values, and our team is great at helping you find the right commercial real estate financing for your next acquisition. They can even help you start an application once you are ready to move forward.