Setting Up Your Own Consumer Financing Program

If you’re looking to offer credit to your customers, finding a good financial partner to help manage your consumer finance program is essential. With the right support, you can get all the benefits that offering customers credit brings to a business while minimizing your risk and speeding up the process of approving each new customer.

Benefits of Consumer Financing

  • Attract new customers easily by offering a path to payment
  • Encourage repeat business from existing customers
  • Provide options for customers who don’t want to use conventional credit cards
  • Provide financing for those who can not access other forms of credit

All these things add up to a more attractive environment for your customers to spend in, and that encourages them to go ahead and make the purchases they need.

Program Parameters

  • Funding for people with FICO scores above 580
  • E-signature and instant credit approval
  • Up to $10,000
  • Works with practically any industry
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Tiered pricing
  • Offer incentives like six months same as cash
  • Let Bear River Financial collect on bad debt portfolios

For more information about integrating our consumer financing program into your operation, you just need to contact our team. Associates are always ready to help you implement the solutions that will help your business grow, so don’t wait.