Unlock the Full Potential of Your POs

Every small business owner looks forward to that day when he or she secures his or her first major purchase order. If that day has arrived for you, allow us at Bear River Financial to offer you our congratulations. Of course, you’re probably just starting to realize the strain that filling this order will out on your resources. If your traditional lending channels are locked up elsewhere, you may end having to dedicate everything you’ve got to satisfying this new client. How will you have the time or money to see to the other aspects of your business?

Trust in Our Purchase Order Financing Program

That’s where our Purchase Order Financing program comes in. By using your existing POs as collateral, you can secure instant cash to help guarantee your ability to meet your client’s demands as promised and on-time. With your production capacity assured, you then have the freedom to go out and secure new orders.

Countless companies like yours have reaped the benefits of PO financing, including:

  • Expanding market share
  • Developing brand loyalty
  • Avoiding further bank debt

Why can’t your company be next?

PO financing is the ideal tool to help deliver you the financial flexibility you need to contribute to your small business’ growth. Let us here at Bear River Financial provide you with the exciting lending tool. Together, we’ll ensure your production capacity and free up the resources needed to grow your business. To learn more about this program, contact us today.