Financing Flexibility You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Success in the commercial real estate market requires flexibility. Once you’ve identified the perfect property for your business, you need to have the lending flexibility needed to land it before a competitor can. Oftentimes, traditional lenders simply cannot offer you that much freedom. Fortunately for you and your business, we here at Bear River Financial can.

The reason that banks and credit unions can’t be flexible when it comes to financing is because they’re bound by traditional lending restrictions. These policies typically place an inordinate value on your company’s credit profile. Yet what if yours is a new business without any established credit? Our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate program then becomes your best option.

Our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Program

Simply put, stated income loans are those that rely on a property’s income producing potential when determining your credit worthiness. The approval process for such a loan goes as follows:

  • You present the property details to us (along with your plans for its use).
  • We analyze the information to determine whether the income the property has the potential to generate sufficient revenue to cover the costs of the loan (e.g., mortgage payment, property taxes and insurance fees).
  • We approve you for up to $500,000

A stated income loan can be used to purchase any type of commercial property, including retail spaces, restaurants, apartments or warehouse space. Companies with credit scores as low as 400 have seen this program get them the funds they need.

There’s a good reason why so many companies like yours view us at Bear River Financial as the preferred provider of commercial finance solutions. Our ability to look outside the box when it comes to financing allows business in all manner of situations and scenarios to get what they need. If your current needs include fast real estate financing, then our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate program is the answer you’ve been searching for. Call and speak with one of our financial experts today for more details.