Credit at Just the Right Cost

Just as is the case with consumers, many company’s fail to fully analyze the cost of credit. Providers look to prey on your ignorance, forcing you into giving up valuable business assets as collateral or saddling you with insanely high interest rates. They assume that you simply can’t afford to be without a credit line, and that desperation will force you into accepting any terms they offer. We at Bear River Financial believe they’re half right: Your company needs the protection of credit. Yet we have no interest in gouging you for the right to have it.

Credit Lines for Companies Large and Small

We offer unsecured business lines of credit that allow you to keep all your assets and still enjoy an excellent rate. Even in cases where you lack an established credit profile, we can offer you a line of up to $50,000 with added benefits such as:

  • Low cost credit checks
  • Rates between 1-5 percent over prime
  • 0 percent introductory offers

Yet our credit lines are not meant simply for small businesses. If your company generates annual revenues between $1 million and $10 million, you could qualify for a line of as much as $500,000, as well.

Never pay an unnecessary cent for credit ever again. With an unsecured business line of credit, you can enjoy all the security such an account offers without the inordinately high costs. That’s just one of the benefits you get when you make us here at Bear River Financial your preferred commercial finance partner. Call today to get your credit application started.