If you’re struggling with productivity, it could be that you’re distracted. It’s estimated that most Americans spend at least six hours a day on digital media, such as news, social media and games. Many people jump from site to site, further distracting their mind by switching tasks. This phenomenon causes you to lose your ability to focus deeply. It’s almost a distraction epidemic.

Have a purpose

To regain productivity, you’re going to need to have a strategy that helps you focus on your goals. Where are you going to put your resources to get to where you’re going? How can you win? Think long-term. What kind of a legacy do you want to leave?

Look at Google’s mission statement, “We organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Right off, you can see what their priorities are. They want to organize information and make it accessible and useful. All of the business resources are focused on those things. Are you that focused?

Short-term and Long-term Goals

You should know what your long-term goals are. Then, have a day to day strategy that breaks those goals into manageable projects. Your strategy is to accomplish each of those goals. When you’re working on short-term goals, such as finishing your education, you’re not just getting your degree. You’re creating a foundation of education to help you get into the career that will let you do your life’s work.

Plans fail when they don’t have a goal. Put your energies into things that meet your strategic purpose. Sometimes, things can seem urgent, but they’re just distractions, like reading the news every morning. Do what’s important to get on with your day, not just what’s pressing.

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